The Process

The Collaborative Virtual Environments Art Practice Workshop of 2015/16 was organized by Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and dedicated especially to ESEV students. This was a workshop of 30h, which ran in sessions 2h, post-employment, once a week remotely, the Virtual SIM Art Lab in the Craft World, with students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the Art Multimedia Program.

We started by learning some basic skills about Collaborative Virtual Environments and soon passed to the development of a collaborative art project, which in 2015/16 was The Garden Virtual Time.


We were fortunate to have a special lesson on sound, given by Luís Eustáquio aka Takio Ra.


All these lessons were given in our workshop, high in the sky, that we call VAL-Olympus.

In addition to the classes in the virtual environment, we also ran a Facebook group where ideas, opinions and educational materials were being exchanged, maintaining this active workshop all week!

We began by imagining a concept around the theme “Time”, which was the basis of the Ephemeral Gardens this year, that allowed us to develop individual work as well as collaborative work.

Thus arose the idea of a time garden, divided into the months of the year, allowing all students a small individual space for expression, but always in tune with the neighbor month.


In the Facebook group students began to show their ideas for each month, through sketches and inspirational images.

According to which was defined for each month, it was necessary to do the “Terraforming”, that is the modeling  of the topology of the island.


And set a proper atmosphere for each season, the “Windlight”. We also wanted that this atmospheric feel corresponded to the various phases of the day: spring/morning, summer/afternoon, autumn/evening and winter/night.

We had some problems…


And solved them with the imagination of several people!


Gradually the island was build and students improved their skills to reach your goals.

Many problems were discussed and resolved not only in Craft, but also through Facebook.


So you can see the whole evolution of the island, from the initial desert to The Garden Virtual Time!


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