The Virtual Garden of Time


The Virtual Garden of Time is a virtual island where can walk through the seasons, months and hours of the day. We can migrate with the birds, swim in rivers, wander the forests. We can choose to be Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer …

This project was designed by a teacher and students of the Art Multimedia Program of the Viseu Polytechnic Institute – School of Education, in a collaborative virtual environment that allows its users to create their own worlds and avatars.

This is a collaborative virtual environment, designed in the Craft World, a OpenSimulator platform that allows us to create our own worlds and avatars. The entire project and each of its parts was discussed by the group remotely, using either the Craft World or a Facebook group to exchange ideas and inspirations.

Now we ask our visitors to create new things from our creations! Perhaps virtual photographs, machinima or even derived avatars from the ones we offer, open to modification, copying and sharing. This garden is a plateau in the creative flow of the metaverse.

This project is part of the Ephemeral Gardens and will be exhibited in the Museu da Misericórdia de Viseu from 1th to 10th of July.

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa (avatars and central space)

Joana Nascimento (animations and central space)

Daniela Padrão (January)

Miguel Alexandre (February)

Carolina Costa (March)

Ramon Freitas (April)

David Soares (May)

Pedro Fernandes (June)

João Cachada (July)

Catarina Melo (August)

Joana Costa (September)

Cláudia Pinto (October)

Joana Pereira (November)

Catarina Vieira (December)


Other credits:

3D Models: Pikon103, Gesor, Nestor, Umar6419, AlexanderLee.

Sounds: Takio Ra, Freefx, poissonmort, soundslikewillem, CapsLok, tliedes.

Textures: Camila Schnabel, Wallpapers Craft, Artress-Stock, pngimg, free icons png, cgtextures, Kellerna, Travail-de-Lam, zatvor, wolverine041269, SXC, Kreative Hexenkueche, Akuptsova,, Grim Grum Sculpts.



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